Christian Louboutin 2016 autumn and winter Tudor series

Among the many dynasties, the Tudor dynasty of the 16th century left the aesthetics of the later generations to be most talked about, from the exquisite decoration of clothing, to the epoch-making architectural style, the Tudor dynasty showed charm are stunning. At that time the royal family and nobles understood dress has a meaning beyond of their own, so the use of innovative design to show the authority of eye-catching. All this time to give Christian Louboutin unlimited imagination, to create full of Tudor style men and women series of works, to pay tribute to the royal style.

This series to distribute the style of the court-based color, including deep red, red, dark green, blue and elegant purple, dignity show noble attitude. Series material is also drawn from the history, selected with the classic Tudor pattern decorated with laser cutting velvet, craftsmen will carefully combine three velvet, exactly like the Tudor period tapestry effect. Christian Louboutin reference was popular European oval cut gem, carefully selected exquisite accessories details, of course, ultimately, Henry III and Elizabeth I carved pyramid iconic carved rivets, diamond outline and pearls.

The designer was deeply shaken for the year full of authority of the female emperor, in the female works will be a balance between strong power and soft charm fusion. Another bright yellow and bright purple suede version, Tudor Sandal 120 decorated with flashing square rivets and pearl decoration, with glossy magic Symphony snake layered laminated heel, sweet and attractive. Decorated with colorful embroidered gold fabric, adjustable length of the ride is climbing over the instep. Sandals and Tudor Ball decorative elements exactly same, and with delicate lambskin bow, the surface decorated with conical rivets, pearls, chain ornaments and colored stones, reflecting the gorgeous crown jewelry style. As the main style of the series, Tudor Sandal 120 gathered from the four workshops, and hand-assembled and modified to show the series of works on the old handicrafts and rare treasures of the core content of worship.

Velvet and corrugated silk and other luxurious fabrics are also used for this series of works to Christian Louboutin widely loved design logo – carefully decorated, hand-created bow to be presented. Tudor Trott100, Tudor Net100, Tudor Plate Flat and high-heeled shoes Cloeslaw 100 with luxurious embroidered gold thread fabric, distributed king style. Véro-Dodat handbags and Tudor Soir 100 thick heels are covered with luxurious laser-cut velvet, which adds more pleasing to the eye bright black ripple silk, reflecting the Tudor dynasty tapestry art. Tudor Quick Flat with more modern style to wake up the new life of the traditional pattern. The velvet Mary Jane Top Street 100 presents a seemingly casual and rich contemporary style, with sporty piping and thick contrast to its luxurious Velbet Miaou velvet heels. Tudor Young ballet shoes will be high above the noble style into the people-friendly style, semi-cone-shaped rivets profile fascinating, blue-green and bright purple with a different kind of elegance. This pair of ballet shoes is like a delicate style of youth representatives, engraved low-key pyramid and embellishment brand iconic bow. Leather products, Loubiposh suede leather handbag to the magnificent red, blue and green oval-shaped cut diamonds and diamond-studded rivets to the celebration of jewelry to pay tribute. Funny multi-purpose backpack Triloubi highlights chain details and three zippered spacious inner bag. Adhering to the Tudor theme, Tudor Spike in a variety of new color shine on top of the series.

This season is like a long boots from the royal palace, through the transparent material can be a glimpse of the skin in the boots, which is one of the iconic design of Christian Louboutin. Tudor Boot 120 with small sheepskin and fine perspective of materials, drawn from the coat of plaid leather structure decorated with carved rivets, and the new conical heel is to imitate Tudor period square heel design. Curvy exquisite Hotero Strass 100 purple high-heeled shoes use fine French lace, accompanied by suede trim and upper band, charming heel is decorated with hand-mounted color crystal, the charm of breathtaking. Using gold lambskin Praguoise 100 to pay tribute to the modern weapons, the size of the right two kinds of gold-shaped woven into a hard armor, it shines. Véro-Dodat handbag with polished serpentine embossed leather to create, quaint gold reminiscent of ancient armor. Soft Barbarevea 100 red suede knee-length boots are decorated with detailed details of the flower, accompanied by exquisite black calfskin piping, so that women instantly embodiment of fashion fighters.

For the throne of Tudor Night is the Tudor Night flat shoes, shaping the toe with velvet carved velvet upper, full of autumn and winter atmosphere of the red and blue-green show, filling the emperor temperament. Stunning embroidery to Tudor Court art tribute: visual impact of strong gold and silver thread embroidery used in Dandybee Flat footwear, numerous gold embroidery in velvet vamp gradually unfolded, clear wings show unparalleled three-dimensional effect . Navy blue and gold College De France Flat into the scroll graphics, with traditional lace embroidery present, and finally to “Loubi For Ever” shield badge for footwear perfect finish. Inspired by Tudor-era portraits, the new Trictrac highlights men’s exclusive stereoscopic pyramid-shaped, flat-topped, and diamond-cut rivets.

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